Welcome to ZeroVM’s Documentation!

ZeroVM is a lightweight virtualization technology based on Google Native Client (NaCl). It is a sandbox which isolates and runs a single process at a time, unlike other virtualization and container technology which provide an entire virtualized operating system and execution environment capable of running multiple processes.

ZeroCloud is a platform based on ZeroVM and Openstack Swift which can be used to run all sorts of applications, including REST services, MapReduce, and batch processing of any kind. Applications which deal with a lot of data or require significant parallel processing are a good fit for ZeroCloud.

Where should I start?

If you’re interested in learning in depth about the core ZeroVM sandbox technology, check out the ZeroVM core documentation.

If you’re interested in developing web applications, MapReduce applications, or just to need handle large amounts of data, you don’t need to know too many details about the core ZeroVM sandbox technology; you can skip straight to the ZeroCloud section.

ZeroCloud: Cloud storage & compute platform

ZeroVM Command Line Tools

Here are some tools which help with developing, testing, bundling, and deploying ZeroVM/ZeroCloud applications:

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